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Tasks/guides tagged: Social Media

Chinese Social Media Platforms

Throughout the world millions of people use twitter, facebook and youtube. Do you know within China these are blocked? Those businesses and organisations with global outlooks and plans will simply …

Task (Category: Technology) 

QQ (Chinese Social Media Platforms)

This platform is the most popular messaging software in China. With over 800 million active QQ accounts it is a platform not to be ignored. QQ also provides online social …

Guide (Category: Technology) 

Renren (Chinese Social Media Platforms)

This platform again is a social media network, but is popular mostly with students. With 160 million registered users.

Guide (Category: Technology) 

Wechat (Chinese Social Media Platforms)

A messaging application similar to WhatsApp and skype. This platform is used by over 600 million users in China and globally. Businesses in China use it as a point of …

Guide (Category: Technology) 

Weibo (Chinese Social Media Platforms)

This platform is the Chinese equivalent of facebook and twitter merged together. Used by 503 million users in China, all organisations and businesses that want to make an impact online …

Guide (Category: Technology) 

Youku (Chinese Social Media Platforms)

This platform is the Chinese youtube. It has over 500 million active users. Registration can be easily performed. Content however is monitored by the Chinese government and inappropriate material is …

Guide (Category: Technology)