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Everything tagged: Guanxi

How to Develop and Maintain Guanxi (Guanxi (Relationship))

While developing guanxi is important to doing business in China it is not necessarily easy to develop, especially for a foreign company. Having a full-time, long-term presence in China is …

Guide (Category: Business | Culture) 

Why Guanxi is Important in China and for Your Business (Guanxi (Relationship))

Guanxi’s importance in China has developed as a result of the cultural implications of the rule of law and the concept of face. For millennia, China has lacked a strong …

Guide (Category: Business | Culture) 

What Guanxi is not (Guanxi (Relationship))

While guanxi is an important part of doing business in China it is not the be-all and end-all of it. Having strong relationships alone will not ensure that you will …

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What is Guanxi (Guanxi (Relationship))

Guanxi is about building a network of mutually beneficial relationships which can be used for personal and business purposes. In this sense, guanxi is not so much different than the …

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Guanxi (Relationship)

Guanxi is a word you will constantly hear about when understanding doing business in China. It roughly is translated into English meaning “relationship”. It is probably one of the most …

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