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Everything tagged: Company Structure

Representative Offices (RO) (Forms of Business Structure)

Many foreign enterprises have established representative offices in China as the first step of their market entry strategy, as they are fairly easy and inexpensive to establish. A representative office …

Guide (Category: Business | Market Entry) 

Branches of Foreign Enterprises (Forms of Business Structure)

Under the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, a foreign company may establish branches in China. A branch does not have the status of a Chinese legal person, …

Guide (Category: Business | Market Entry) 

Company Limited by Shares with Foreign Investment (CLSFI) (Forms of Business Structure)

A Company Limited by Shares with Foreign Investment (CLSFI) can only be established by complying with the industrial policies and requirements generally applicable to foreign investment in China. A CLSFI …

Guide (Category: Business | Market Entry) 

Limited liability company (Forms of Business Structure)

A limited liability company may be set up by between one and 50 shareholders. The words “limited liability company” or “limited company” must be included in the company name. A …

Guide (Category: Business | Market Entry)