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UK Culture Minister speech to CBI Dinner on UK-China relations

February 22, 2018

Tonight 22nd Feburary, the UK Minister in charge of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport spoke at the annual CBI Dinner on UK-China relations.

He spoke about how the UK will use the transformational power of digital technology to make the golden age between the UK and China even more golden.

He talked about the future and working with China. “We want to work ever closer with China, and other tech-minded countries around the world.” he said in his speech.

“And I was delighted that during the Prime Minister’s recent visit, agreements were signed on emerging technologies across the board – twelve in total, including space, smart cities and autonomous vehicles.

For this is the future. Countries that work with, not against, technology, will be the ones that flourish.

Flourishing as two vibrant, prosperous nations using technology to drive growth and make life better for our citizens and people across the world.

For if we have learnt one thing this past generation, then we have learnt this.

Free markets, in a proper framework, have been the most powerful force for good the world has ever seen – underpinned by the protection of property, openness to trade and sound finance.

China’s journey is testament to this fact. Britain may have pioneered the market economy but, by God, China is proving it works.”

Read the full speech at: