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Chinese tourists habits and advice Guide

3. Money

Few Mainland Chinese citizens own an international credit card such as Visa or MasterCard. They will use a card called UnionPay, which is unique to China or pay by cash. International retailers are now adding this payment method to their payment systems. It has now become widely available for ATM’s to allow Unionpay cards to withdraw cash in western countries.

Mainland Chinese tourists tend to spend between £1000 and £5000 in the UK and Ireland on gifts, consumables and other items (excluding their flights, hotels and food). Making them one of the most highly spent tourists in the UK and Ireland.

Top fashion and luxury brands are popular, but travelers are consistently seeking value for money too and will have carried out extensive background internet research.

Chinese tourists also love unique products. Anything that can’t be bought in China or is made abroad appeals to them. These type of products tend to show people back home that you have traveled and have money to buy products from a foreign country, which any Chinese may think are more expensive than Chinese products.