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Chinese tourists habits and advice Guide

6. Booking Travel

Currently, about half of Chinese visitors book through a travel agent and half directly with the carrier – more affluent Chinese tend to prefer to research potential travel destinations for themselves.

The breakdown of those who book through a travel agent or directly can also be broken down by the age groups. Older tourists tend to travel in a group that is booked through a travel agent. The older generation has not traveled outside China much within their life so this type of booking is seen as safer.

However younger tourists tend to be more independent and book directly with carriers. So they would book the flight, hotel and visitors attractions all separately and plan the journey through research online.

Chinese tourists will tend to visit attractions of most interest back home. So you should appeal to these tourists why they should visit you, by offering a Chinese visitor experience. This experience should include translation of website, if possible a Chinese tour guide and food catered towards the Chinese market.