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Change to Chinese Visa fee for UK Citizens

The Chinese embassy in London has announced from 19th November 2018, that visa fees will increase for 5 year and 10 year visas. The fees of consular documents will be adjusted as follows: Visa Fees Nationality Regular service …

News November 20, 2018 

Chinese Visa Form

When applying for a visa to China, it is required to fill out an application form. The latest form is provided below. Documents Chinese Visa Application Form Details Current Chinese …

Task (Category: Visa) 

Fingerprints Collection for Chinese Visas begins in November for UK

With effect from 1 November 2018, all visa applicants aged between 14 and 70 inclusive will need to make their visa application in person at a Visa Application Centre. As …

News October 26, 2018 

Check what type of Chinese visa you need

Answer the questions to see which visa you require.

Task (Category: Visa) 

Belfast Visa Application Service begins processing visas

Last month the Chinese consulate in Belfast announced that a new Belfast Visa Application Service Center would be begin operation. According to the official Chinese Visa website the Edinburgh …

News June 6, 2018 

China’s Southwest Yunnan Province eases visa permits

China’s Southwest Yunnan Province has said it will adopt a visa policy for foreigners starting 1st March, easing visa applications from foreign professionals and skilled workers. Applicants who qualify as …

News February 11, 2018 

China to issue 5 year visas to those of Chinese origin

From today those of Chinese origin will be able to apply for a longer Chinese visa. The visa would allow those who obtain it to be able to visit China …

News February 1, 2018 

144 hour visa-free expanded across China

China has now extended its visa-free period for eligible travellers transiting through Beijing to 144 hours. This includes nationals from 53 countries and those that arrive with a valid onward …

News January 14, 2018 

When you get your visa (Chinese Visa)

When your passport and documents are returned to you, your visa will be in the form of a sticker inside your passport. You should inspect it and make sure all …

Guide (Category: Visa) 

Documents Required (Chinese Visa)

When apply for a visa you should check that all required documents are submitted. Any documents that are missing will result in a delay or the application being rejected. You …

Guide (Category: Visa)