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Tasks/guides tagged: Tourism

Booking Travel (Chinese tourists habits and advice)

Currently, about half of Chinese visitors book through a travel agent and half directly with the carrier – more affluent Chinese tend to prefer to research potential travel destinations for …

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Chinese tourists habits and advice

The typical Chinese tourist is changing. A decade ago Chinese middle classes hardly left China, today they travel to the US, EU and other parts of Asia in their millions …

Task (Category: Tourism) 

Food (Chinese tourists habits and advice)

Younger tourists from China tend to try the local food, whereas older tourists will tend to stick with Chinese cuisine. Most tour groups in China will have planned to visit …

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Language (Chinese tourists habits and advice)

Chinese Mandarin the official language of China and Taiwan, is widely spoken in mainland China with many different accents due to the vast number of local dialects. Simplified Chinese is the official …

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Money (Chinese tourists habits and advice)

Few Mainland Chinese citizens own an international credit card such as Visa or MasterCard. They will use a card called UnionPay, which is unique to China or pay by cash. International …

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Technology (Chinese tourists habits and advice)

There are 1.1bn cell phone users in China of which 750m are mobile internet users  China has the largest online population with 550m internet users of whom 80% are under …

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