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China to issue 5 year visas to those of Chinese origin

China to issue 5 year visas to those of Chinese origin

February 1, 2018

From today those of Chinese origin will be able to apply for a longer Chinese visa. The visa would allow those who obtain it to be able to visit China and conduct business, visit family and deal with personal issues.

It comes as many overseas Chinese are calling on the government to allow better visas or a green card style system for them, so they can travel back to China easily.

China has been stepping up its immigration reforms to attract high talented foreigners and now overseas Chinese back to the country with the aim of increasing the talent of workers in the country.

China’s Ministry of Public Security announced the changes last week, and said the move is meant to make it easier for these overseas Chinese to “return home” to visit families, do business and run personal errands.

A foreigner of Chinese origin refers to either a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship, or the children of present or former Chinese citizens. When applying for the visa proof will need to be given to show the person has Chinese ethnicity either when they were born, or through a parent or grandparent. These could be in the form of a former Chinese passport or ID of parents or any official document from foreign governments that would prove a link, such as birth certificate.

According to China Daily, Mr Qu Yunhai, director of the Ministry of Public Security’s Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, said last week that the move was an upgrade of similar measures issued in recent years to encourage overseas Chinese “to participate in China’s economic development”.

“Such rules have played a positive role in serving China’s social and economic development and attracting talent with innovative and entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

China’s goal is to become a powerhouse of science and technology, so trying to attract those overseas who are highly educated back to the country via the immigration system is the right step.